Yellow Cab develops non-conformistic collections that reflect independency and self-consciousness regardless instant fashion trends. The YC Collections with an unmistakable, unique and own identity applicable to the shape of all styles.


In Amsterdam is where it all started, in 1992. Yellow Cab, a new shoe brand and concept was launched in a world of many ‘me too’ products. The three founders, followed when designing, their own instincts, completely ignoring the narrow dictates of fashion. They created products that they themselves would wear. Their inspiration from the start has been the streets of New York City.


It soon turned out that the authentic collections of Yellow Cab struck a chord with many, many people. Tired of conventional fashion had to offer, they were wild about the innovative, original and idiosyncratic Yellow Cab styles: Yellow Cab has been one of the world’s most successful shoe brands over the past decades. Worldwide the brand has acquired a strong and solid position in the minds of millions of people. The very first shoe, the famous Check, has already obtained the status of an all time classic. Over the years the concept evolved into an extended, well balanced collection of shoes, boots and sandals sharing an unmistakable, unique own identity, applicable to the shape of all styles.


However, Yellow Cab is more, much more than that. Yellow Cab is a feeling, an excitement, actually it is way of life. Yellow Cab men and women are independent and self conscious personalities, having developed their own individual taste, regardless of instant fashion trends. They are non-conformistic and open-minded. A strong belief in initiatives and their own strength characterizes their every day’s attitude. YC-ers are easy going people showing a relaxed way of living. Quality of life and respect for the earth are important values to them. A touch of nonchalance is part of their spirit. Often YC-fans turn out to be in their twenties or thirties. Anyway, all of them are young at heart. They are sharing a common style of living, rather than a specific age.


Back to the very heart of the concept: the shoes themselves. All Yellow Cab shoes have as already memorized, a very strong and distinctive identity. Still the Yellow Cab concept reflects much more than combination of a bunch of explicit single features. It is what Yellow Cab is calling the chemistry, the synergy, in other words the typical YC spirit. It is this untouchable phenomenon that liaises all individual Yellow Cab products.


Being distributed in over 15 countries Yellow Cab is dedicated to a frequent communication with her consumer around the world. Attractive campaigns are constantly running through many national magazines. On top of that, the brand is very active in obtaining lots of exposure during events and happenings with the appropriate YC spirit.